Studio AKA Visit

November 22, 2008 at 12:03 pm (Uncategorized) ()

My class were visited by Grant Orchard of Studio Aka, their websites, something I found really interested and enjoyable. He started by showing us a showreel of their work, which included the Lloyds TSB adverts, the Bupa adverts and many more. Two adverts i found i really liked were one made for the lottery, Grant said they used to call it The Big Win:

I really liked the detail put into the animation, and the idea behind it. Grant told us that many people didn’t realise what the advert was for, and thought it was for toothpaste, so they added in the lottery logo at the end. But I found it really fun to watched, and thought the character design was excellent, as well as the choice of song, as I had it stuck in my head all day afterwards.

The other advert of theirs I liked was one Grant Orchard himself worked on, which was for the Disney Channel and was to help get children to recycle more. I can only seem to find it on the Studio’s website at the moment if you want to look. I really liked their use of models in the advert, and how they tried to keep the look simple so they children would enjoy it. The bright colours work really well, and I found the idea behind it really creative.

I found it helpful having Grant come and talk to us as he showed us the process of design, storyboarding and animatics, and how he works to a time limit, which is really helpful, and I liked finding out how a company works compared to how an independant animator would work.


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