Supporting Studies: Charcoal Drawings

December 3, 2008 at 2:18 pm (Uncategorized) ()

During this day we used charcoal instead of the usual pencil on paper in our sketch books. When we started we drew lines and were told to make them represent different emotions, like from happiness to anger, sadness to indifference. this is what i made.


After this we were told that in the next few images we could only use certain shapes, which were rectangles, circles, triangles, we then had to make a person, a dog, a monkey, a giraffe, and a pregnant woman.


After this we were told to create a simple sillohette character and had to draw them in the rain. For the first image it was supposed to be him not bothered about the rain, with his umbrella up, the second was supposed to be him fighting against the wind, the third was him loosing his umbrella and the last was of him crawling on the ground his umbrella lost. I enjoyed doing this as it was fun to show feelings without a face.


After this we had to do the same sort of thing, but the character had to be flushing away his dead fish. The first was of him throwing the fish and not really caring at all, the second was of him caring a little for it and missing it a little, the third was of him saying goodbye to the fish after really caring about it, the last picture was of him flushing the fish after thinking of the fish as a brother.


After lunch we came back and used a life model to represent the character in the rain, this is what i drew, they had to remain sillohettes.


After this we went on to do the same thing over the dead fish images, here are the sillohettes I drew.


I really enjoyed doing this and had fun creating emotion with just the stance of a character.


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