Supporting Studies: Difficult Exercises

December 3, 2008 at 2:32 pm (Uncategorized)

For these exercise we had to do a series of things that made drawing difficult. The first we had to do was to look at the life model, and not look at the paper, so it wasn’t clear where the pencil was on the paper, this is the result:


I found these exercises difficult but fun to do.

After this we had to look at the pose for a couple of minutes and then draw the pose out from memory, on this image the one on the left was from memory, while the one on the right was not looking at the paper.


After this we had to use our opposite hand, for this it meant using my right hand. I found this really difficult at first but as i did more it became slightly easier, and i sort of liked the sketchy effect it created.


After this another model stood in front of us and we had to draw out the figure but draw it upside down on the paper. This I found really difficult to do. On the image the one of the left is me using my right hand again.



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