The New Girl Animation

January 16, 2009 at 11:18 am (Uncategorized)

Finally we got to the end of our fifteen seconds of animation. It took a lot longer then I thought it would, but we finally got there though there’s alot of room for improvement. Unfortunately Laura hasn’t yet finished her fifteen seconds due to some problem’s she’s been facing. the animation was simply hand drawn, and coloured with pastels for a scribbled effect. But this is what we have so far.

Unfortunately we rushed the sound at the end of the project, as we didn’t realise how long everything would take, and by the time we were ready to make some sounds we hadn’t the time to do them properly, so did them in a rush.

one thing that really annoys me with my section is when the boy stands and walks away as she sits down. Something went wrong with his legs, and it looks as though he has some sort of limp, when I get the chance I will definitely try and improve this.  Another thing i would like to make better, though with the time limit we had it might not be possible, was that somethings seemed to move a little too fast. I feel that there wasn’t enough reaction time for the characters.

Once the end of the animation is complete I’m excited to see it all together as a finished piece. Though it could be improved I feel that it slotted together better then i had expected, and seemed to make sense.


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  1. Maidstone Classifieds said,

    🙂 i think, that the place where a boy leaves the girl alone is the best place in whole movie… sad but feels real

    🙂 nice

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